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Ferrari Do Not Want To Make The SUV

Ferrari for the umpteenth time, affirming that they do not want to put the logo on a horse vehicle Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). This step was chosen for the sake of maintaining the exclusivity of Ferrari.


Ferrari's Chairman, Sergio Marchionne said that Ferrari has enjoyed high demand from consumers, so no need to add an SUV products.

Asked a question of prospects for Ferrari SUV, Marchionne insists, "you have to shoot me first." The rising trend of SUV in the world be otobib used also by a number of premium manufacturers lately, to boost sales figures. Including its main competitor, Lamborghini is working on production version SUV first, Enema.

Ferrari Sales Positively

Last year alone, the producers of origin Italy managed to sell a vehicle unit where 7664 6% more than 2014, though the market demand in China is down 22%. While for this year, Ferrari predict sales will fall 3% with approximately 7990 units.

By refusing to make SUVs, Ferrari also opens the possibility of increasing sales figures up to 9000 units in 2019, to gain more profits.

Next month, Ferrari will display the results of a refresher on gran tourer Racing 4 × 4 only, FF, Concorso d'Eleganza at the Villa d'Este.